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Date of last connection: 2012-03-16
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Mr. Mi... BI...
051725 Bucharest

Prepared job(s): : MEDIA/JOURNALISM


School: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science 023997 Bucharest

Education level: Undergraduate student 3rd year
Undergraduate student
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : High school completed
Last diploma : 2010 Mykolo Romerio Universitetas, Vilnius (Lithuania) Erasmus Exchange student 1 semester/5 months 2008 "Carol 1st" National College, Craiova (Romania) High school graduate; diploma score of 9.84/10 2004 - 2005 Lycée Louis Pasteur d’Avignon, France Exchange student - 2 weeks
Current educational level : +2
Prepared job(s): : MEDIA/JOURNALISM

Duration of the internship: unlimited
Beginning of the internship:
2011-07-14 2011-12-20
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence :


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Wordpress, Microsoft Office, Windows, Internet Tools

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Driver's Licence B category (since Nov 2007)

Languages :
Romanian : Native
English : Fluent
French : Working language
Spanish : Intermediate
Italian : Basic

Cover letter

To whom it may concern:
This letter is meant to confirm my commitment to find a relevant wanting employer that is in need of a hard-working, well-mannered, fairly educated fast learning intern who is about to get his undergraduate diploma at the beginning of the summer, 2011. My field of studies is Political Science, my area of interest is media/journalism or editorial work, as well as tourism.
My activities so far include (as mentioned in the attached CV):
  • Working as a journalist, mostly writing about culture and lifestyle but also interviews and field research on few occasions. I started by writing 3 years for my high school magazine in my hometown of Craiova, then latter as a collaborator for the region's largest news paper, then some time afterwards I did an internship at The Baltic Times, an English newspaper of the three Baltic States;
  • I alternated this with blogging for a few companies with which I collaborated on-line for months at a time and for which I was my own contractor. The businesses were settled both in Romania as well as outside the country;
  • I prefer an international environment, as now I was recently recruited by a French company with offices in Romania for which I provide Customer Care in French;
  • My biggest challenge so far though was presented in the form of an Editor title for a Psychotherapy Association which apart from challenging, it also was very international in setting, as I was permanently in direct contact with famous English Psychotherapists and writers.
Additional qualifications include:
  • Working for a construction company in France for the summer;
  • Being of different international exchange-programs and thus changing the living environment and constantly adapting to new ways of living;
  • Taking on different language courses and trying to always get a better understanding of the cultures and traditions of the world.
My commitment to these main areas of interest and personal development, that is to say media/journalism, writing and reporting in general and using different communication channels, combined with my thirst for a continuously better integration and understanding of the global environment we are currently sharing, should make me a viable candidate for my desired areas of interest.
I hope my summarized description serves as proof of my adaptability and desire to find a change of setting in which to integrate. Finding the right internship place will remain a high priority goal.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


1.Title: Conseiller ClientsCompany:Webhelp RoumanieDepartment: Customer/Client ServiceWorking city:Bucharest
Begin Date:2011-01-06End Date:I'm still an employee of this compan2.Title: In-charge with production/sales of decorative stickersCompany:ServTotalDepartment: OtherWorking city:Bucharest
Begin Date:2010-09-01End Date:I'm still an employee of this compan3.Title: Book editor/Administrative workerCompany:ARPIDepartment: Printing/PublishingWorking city:Bucharest

Begin Date:2010-10-01End Date:2010-12-144.Title: Intern as a JournalistCompany:The Baltic TimesDepartment: Mass Media/Journalism/Graphics/DTPWorking city:Vilnius, Lithuania
Begin Date:2010-03-01End Date:2010-06-15
Responsibilities:As part of my duties I was often sent on the field to take pictures for articles during certain events but I was also writing my own articles in English or conducting interviews with figures of interest at that time, doing all the research by myself.5.Title: Part Time Search Engine Optimizer/Blog writer/FreelancerCompany:Pothosenterprises, Los AngelesDepartment: Internet/eCommerce/New MediaWorking city:BucharestSalary (The net salary earned):CONFIDENTIALBegin Date:2009-09-01End Date:2010-02-24
Responsibilities:Taking care of and constantly updating with new articles a number of Wordpress-based internet sites while doing basically search engine optimization at a standard level.6.Title: Construction-workerCompany:SCI Batiment MartinDepartment: Construction/FacilitiesWorking city:St Marc Le Blanc, FranceSalary (The net salary earned):CONFIDENTIALBegin Date:2009-07-14End Date:2009-09-16Company activity field:
(Industry field, number of employees, other details)Relatively small french constructions firm, contracted for any types of work from small reparations, interior/exterior house work or yard facilities etc.Benefits:
(ex: car, insurance, tickets):Company car, telephone, housing7.Title: freelance journalistCompany:Gazeta de SudDepartment: Mass Media/Journalism/Graphics/DTPWorking city:Craiova, RomaniaSalary (The net salary earned):CONFIDENTIALBegin Date:2007-04-17End Date:2008-04-18.Title: freelance writer
Department: Mass Media/Journalism/Graphics/DTPWorking city:Craiova, RomaniaSalary (The net salary earned):CONFIDENTIALBegin Date:2005-10-13End Date:2006-12-10Company activity field:
(Industry field, number of employees, other details)Posting on line articles on a variety of subjects in English.Responsibilities:Writing articles on diferent subjects, following a specific plot outline

2010Graduating with 10/10 the 'Basic Lithuanian' course in Vilnius, Lithuania2007DELF B1B1 Level Diploma for French Speakers2007Certificate in Advanced EnglishCambridge Diploma(CAE) level AUniversity of Cambridge2005 - 2007'Ioan Maiorescu' award for editorial performance 3 years in a row for being part of the editorial team of the 'Carol 1st' Highschool in Craiova 2005Diplome de participation (Participation Diploma for Training) - Lycee Scientifique et Technologique "Saint-Jean Baptiste de La Salle"; Lycee "Louis Pasteur" Avignon (France)
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Les derniers stagiaires

• Stagiaire pour Développeur informatique Mutltimédia E-learning et Serious Games

School: Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 75006 ingénierie et management de la formation en ligne Ingénierie pédagogique

(75017 Paris Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de découverte d'une nouvelle culture

School: IEP de Toulouse Toulouse 31000 Master Action internationale et gestion de crise Rédacteur, analyste et veille médias, journaliste, professeur.

(74000 Annecy Fr )

• Stagiaire pour In search of an internship in MEDIA/JOURNALISM, TOURISM or PUBLIC RELATIONS/MARKETING

School: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science Bucharest 023997 Undergraduate student MEDIA/JOURNALISM

(051725 Bucharest Ro )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de médiamaticien, média photo

School: Centre professionnel du nord vaudois Sainte croix 1450 Médiamaticien

(92700 Colombes Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stagiaire - communication, media, ressources humaines, publicite, creation, marketing France/Nord-Pas-De-Calais/Metropole Lilloise

School: University Of Craiova Craiova 200585 Master 2 *PAO (DTP),conception de plaquettes,flyers,affiches,couverture du livres,animatrice commerciale aux foires du livre,participation aux actions commerciales *La réalisation des enquêtes sur le terrain,des questionnaires à faire à face ou à domicile du défendeur.

(59370 Mons-en-Baroeul Fr )

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